Danish Culture


People like Bjarke Ingels have modernized danish architecture. In Denmark most buildings are now Neo-Modern and are focused on sustainability.



Food in Denmark is separated into 3 meals

Breakfast: Adults typically eat bread with butter or jelly, while children normally eat corn flakes or muesli.

Lunch: Lunch in Denmark is often cold cuts on rye bread.

Dinner: Dinner in Denmark is called middag, and has meat (most commonly pork) baked potatoes, and a beverage.




The most common sport in Denmark is soccer, and it is the official national sport. Soccer is a sport played, and watched by young and old.




One holiday they celebrate there that we don't is the 5th of May; Denmark's liberation. On this day Denmark was liberated from Nazi occupation.



Children Games

In Denmark a popular children's game is Barrel Cat.barrel_cat



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